When printing really is green

Musumeci has always been committed to ensuring that every activity has the least possible impact on the environment. 

Quality and respect for the environment are two of the core values that drive Musumeci and Genoud into the future. The certificates obtained in the field of sustainability demonstrate their tangible commitment to all stakeholders. 

First of all, Imprim’Vert certification, a label that certifies the production of ecological printed materials and guarantees that the production chain is structured in an eco-friendly manner. Five criteria must be met in order to obtain the label; these criteria include the correct disposal of hazardous waste in accordance with current regulations, safe storage of liquids containing contaminants, avoidance of the use of toxic substances, control of energy consumption and increasing the awareness of employees and customers with regard to saving resources.

As far as the use of paper is concerned, all Musumeci and Genoud products bear the FSC mark, which indicates that the paper the product is made from comes from wood complies with sustainable forest management procedures. Genoud was the first printer in French-speaking Switzerland to obtain FSC® certification (SQS-COC-100125) for the selection and traceability of paper, in 2007. The Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-profit organisation that promotes exemplary ecological, economic and social management.

Genoud also works with Climate Partner®, an organisation that helps companies calculate and reduce their carbon footprint, supporting them in implementing climate protection strategies and offsetting their emissions with climate protection projects.

Musumeci and Genoud’s working method also contributes to reducing the environmental impact of companies’ activities. The Global Project Management system ensures a lower environmental impact as it means that fewer parts have to be manufactured to create the final product and ensures a significant reduction in transport costs. 

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