Our commitment to the world where we live

Musumeci is working to ensure that, in a world of scarce resources, print and paper's unique recyclable and renewable qualities can be enjoyed for generations to come. Our environmental initiatives are in place to help reduce our carbon footprint through sustainable forestry practices, while also delivering a versatile, quality product for our customers.


Through advanced technology, a dedicated workforce, alternate energy sources, and carbon neutral options, Musumeci is able to deliver around the world, give back to the community, and still remain an environmentally-friendly business.


In addition to our company-wide commitment, we are structured our company to support your marketing and purchasing department as your internal and external graphics designer,  making eco-friendly end economic sustainable print decisions. Our personalized Service assures Ecological Consciousness, Fair Pricing, and Satisfied Clients.

Some of the ways we can achieve that are:

  • We have certified our operations with the FSC® to proactively demonstrate how much we care about responsible forest management while offering our customers more choices
  • Minimize plastics, foam and polystyrene packaging
  • Using ReBoard to replace traditional MDF - 100% recyclable paper, lightweight, water based adhesive
  • When possible, design work to eliminate paper waste et running multiple jobs at once before you plan a project, talk to us about what size works best to maximize the amount of paper used and reduce costs. Size alone can make a difference.


Our goal is to continuously improve our sustainability efforts, and hope businesses choose a similar path to reduce their environmental impact when options are available.

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