Musumeci is the first Italian company to be awarded G7® Expert certification

The company receives confirmation of its excellence in colour space and in graphic production. 

In October 2023, Musumeci S.p.A. underwent in-depth examination from Idealliance, which resulted in its being awarded the prestigious G7® Expert certification. This achievement is even more significant considering that Musumeci is the first company in Italy to receive this recognition.

Musumeci achieved the qualification of G7 Master at colorspace level, demonstrating, through the production of prints and colour tests, the knowledge, skill and best practices required to efficiently use the G7 methodology in the production of graphic communication.

Idealliance is an internationally renowned association that plays a key role in the recognition and qualification of sector specialists, as well as in the certification of the leading printing and pre-printing service providers through the so-called “G7 method”, which has also been adopted by Musumeci. This method provides practical and clear guidelines for the implementation of ISO printing standards.

G7 certification is a distinctive mark of quality, providing sector operators the trust and competence required to guarantee elevated and constant standards in graphic production. This special initiative by Idealliance thus promotes efficiency and consistency in printing processes, facilitating the implementation of international regulations and thus contributing to raising the level of professionalism in the printing and pre-printing industry.

“We are extremely proud to be the first company in Italy to receive this prestigious form of recognition, a goal made possible thanks to the daily commitment of the entire working team”, stated Michele Biza, the Sole Director of Musumeci. “This certification highlights the constant efforts of the company to ensure excellence and consistency in its graphic production.”

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