Musumeci and Genoud: the new digital presentation

Musumeci and Genoud have a new business card to promote themselves on the market. It is a digital presentation containing all the information needed to get to know the two companies better.

Slide after slide, the story explores different topics ranging from group identity to the full range of services offered. The focus is on the entire workflow that both companies have developed to keep customers and their needs at the heart of their business. Starting with the study of the concept, the creation of photo shootings, followed by graphic layout and finally printing. One of the key technologies is MGI Jetvarnish 3D + iFoil, which enables digital spot UV/hot-rolling finishes for 2D/2D and lamination effects.

The key word throughout the presentation is the term innovation, which shows in the skillful combination of different technologies, in an environment-friendly and resource-saving organization and in the use of the newest materials.


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