Genoud and Musumeci enter the Emirates publishing scene

From the fashion of Dior to the jewellery of Chaumet, as well as Muslim architecture, the Arab Emirates are looking for luxury printing services and prestigious publishing projects. A trend confirmed both by figures and direct experience. Genoud and Musumeci have already played an active role in numerous productions in the Gulf over recent years and see a future full of new and novel collaborations.


“This new channel represents an excellent opportunity to stake a claim in an area that is currently seeing strong growth and that is certain to prove to be a precious source of projects for our future”, stated Michele Biza, CEO of Musumeci.


Genoud and Musumeci made their official entry to the Emirates on the occasion of the promotion of the book “The Italian Legacy In The United Arab Emirates: The Urban And Industrial Landscape” at the Sharjah International Book Fair 2022. The book is a collector’s item, commissioned by the Italian Embassy in the Emirates, which looks at the contribution made by Italian engineering and architecture to the development of the local industrial and urban landscape since 1971.


The publishing sector in the United Arab Emirates is seeing strong growth, as recently confirmed by the 2021 report from the Ministry of Culture and Youth. With an expanding number of readers, and increasingly strong faith in the potential of the authorial and publishing movement in the country, the world of luxury and Middle Eastern culture offers the twin companies Genoud and Musumeci an extensive market hungry for productions of the highest level.

One particular example is the production - commissioned by the Ministry of Culture for the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab Centre of Beirut Architecture - of the book “Architecture for the Arab World 1914-2014”, which is destined to offer a collection of the best expressions of Middle Eastern architecture from the last century. However, the efforts of Genoud and Musumeci are by no means ending here.


The Gulf economy is a rich market that is hungry for high-quality products, for which the guarantee of European and Italian tradition represented by Genoud and Musumeci is a unique resource. All that remains is to wait to discover what other initiatives will involve us in this part of the world, which is playing an increasingly central and precious role.

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