High-quality tactile finishes with MGI Jetvarnish 3D

Musumeci and Genoud have recently welcomed an extraordinary new machine: the MGI Jetvarnish 3D. Designed to add even more value and creativity to printing materials, it enables the development of very high quality and detailed embossed finishes, highly customizable for multi-sensorial applications.

Effects such as light spots, dimensional printing or metallic-looking finishes could also be achieved in the past with conventional printing methods, but the results were often not up to scratch and were time-consuming. MGI Digital Varnish & Hot Foil technology now makes it possible to produce print products with outstanding effects in a very short time, which can then be offered to a very wide range of customers. 

Thanks to the digital glossy finish, it is now quick and easy to highlight defined areas and add 3D effects to each print. Musumeci and Genoud are able to deliver eye-catching, vibrant, highly customizable print products with impressive tactile definition, and in the fastest possible time.

Given the speed at which the market is changing, it is essential to innovate to increase the value of print products. Taking creativity to the next level is the best way to get real results: stepping out of one' s comfort zone by offering glossy finishes and eye-catching lamination effects is the best way to achieve real results.

The fields of application for this cutting-edge technique are manifold. The MGI Jetvarnish 3D can work on books, covers, brochures, magazines, exclusive business cards, as well as greeting cards, invitations, packaging and luxury wraps. Not only that. Tactile finishes can also be applied to personalized postcards, calendars, VIP cards, promotional materials and much more. 

A whole new world worth exploring in the field of finishing, which Musumeci and Genoud have started to apply both to ongoing editorial projects and to new productions in the fashion, luxury and cosmetics sectors.

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