Antibacterial film for prints

Musumeci provides its customers with new materials and solutions that are highly requested by the current market. A propylene film, subjected to an antibacterial silver-ion treatment, reduces after 24 hours up to 99% of the bacterial load that comes into contact with the printed surface. The antibacterial film maintains the same matt or gloss effect as the standard one. The same antibacterial properties can be obtained with paint. 

The treatment on the antibacterial film poses no risk to users and has an unlimited duration. 


The English laboratory IMSL (Industrial Microbiological Service LTD), specialized in performing independent microbiology tests on industrial products and processes, has carried out tests to verify the antimicrobial activity of the films at issue against the following types of bacteria: 

- Escherichia colis

- Staphylococcus aureus 

The standard complied with is that governed by ISO 22196 standard.

The results of the analyses have proved an antibacterial action of the films at issue with an efficiency greater than 99%. 

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